Friday, August 29, 2008

Jumpin' in the Jumper

Baron has finally taken to the jumper. He would rest his head on the green frog, and look at his reflection in the mirror and start screaming (talking) to himself. After do this for a good 10 - 15 mins, I went and got the camera. In the video, you can see where his forehead is all red. Poor guy...all to admire himself.

Umm...rice cereal.

I know that this is a long video but it's his first time eating solids. Well actually the first time didn't go over so well. He was really hungry and I guess that I shouldn't have tried when he was really hungry. He screamed throughout and literally kept spitting the food out. So we tried again later and he enjoyed the experience much better. Now he loves it and I hardly can keep up with him. We are definitely looking forward to moving onto the 'real' food.

Finally...the roll over.

Baron finally rolled over. Such a milestone for us. The only thing that stinks about this new trick is that he's not too fond of being on his stomach no matter how hard we try to entertain him or put toys in front of him. But one things for sure, once he's on his back he's trying to flip over to his tummy. Kind of funny sometimes, I think that because he's such a big boy, he gets stuck trying...hee hee.

Baron's First Video

I have been trying to figure out how to get this video on here. Something was wrong and I finally fixed it. Anyway, this is the first video that I had taken of Baron. We were getting ready to leave the hospital and Rob was fetching the car. It's so crazy to see this video and all those feelings of the unknown rush back to me. Now after going through it, I shouldn't have been worried. All of the help we had at first and also having a great husband, makes it all so worthwhile. Can't wait to do it again!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're almost there...

He's almost close to turning over. But actually he has done it three times. Once when I was watching him and the other two were when Rob and I were talking and didn't see it. We both looked down at him on his activity mat and he had turned over and was propped up on his arms looking up at us. I know it's going to happen more and more. Very exciting...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Playing

I found some software on our computer that allows me to alter the videos. Just having a little fun with it. There should be more once I get the hang of it...

This one is a bit freaky but funny. At least I thought so.

First Family Trip

We just recently got back from our first "Louderman Family Trip" to Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in Corbin, KY. Rob and I were pretty nervous about driving 7hrs with Baron but he did an awesome job and slept for the majority of the way. Below is a small video of the falls, it was pretty neat and no it wasn't sewage.

All of Baron's cousins were there; a total of 6 and there was not a dull moment. From Taylyn making crazy hair in the pool, Brooklyn and Griffin playing Texas Hold'em, Candon kicking my butt in the memory game and Riley giggling as her dad acted like he was two, there was plenty to watch...good times most definitely.

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