Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow Forts

It did it again…we ended up with close to 6 inches of snow. It’s almost gone now, but not before we were able to get out this morning with Baron and try some sledding. The sledding ended up turning into building forts for a snowball fight.

Baron was loving it, running back and forth trying to sabotage both of us. Rob had the clever idea to get some buckets after an hour of trying to do it ourselves. It was almost like being at the beach and building a sand castle. The snow was packing sort of and was easy to fill in the bucket and dump it out with it retaining the shape of the bucket. It really made for some TALL forts. At one time, Rob’s was pretty tall and collapsed on Baron. That was a pretty funny sight because it scared the snot out of him. Then later I threw a bucket molded snow ball at Rob, probably weighed 5 lbs (rob says 30lbs)…direct hit on the back…not a good idea (chuckle, chuckle).


Below is Rob’s fort. Yes more structurally sound but lacked height…032711 (3)

  Below is mine. I had to rebuild a couple of times because it fell over, but mine totally dominated.032711 (7)

 032711 (6)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

ipad troubles…

We love our ipad, I am actually surprised that we like it so much. I guess it’s the convenience that we love so much. Initially, I bought it for Rob for Christmas and I was the one that was using it for a good two weeks until he finally caved. Several times over the course of those two weeks, he mentioned that we should take it back. Eventually he and I would fight over it until we figured out a schedule. BUT, none of that matters now that Baron has completely taken it over.

I guess I’m not really shocked that he likes it so much but we are really going to have to watch his time spent on it because he could play FOREVER! So now, the only time we get to use it, is when he’s in bed or he will constantly say, “can I play my game?” over and over again or the occasional finger that creeps in and changes the screen.

 032411 (3)



Da Clouds

Nothing important but took some shots of the clouds yesterday. I like when they look all dark and mysterious.

032311 (10)

 032311 (11)

 032311 (5)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Indoor Pool Time

This past weekend, my parents were in town for a Bluegrass Festival being held at the Holiday Inn in Eureka. They were smart enough to get a room so that all the kids could come swimming. Amy and her 4 kids made the trip down and Chad, Stacy and Riley met us there.

I didn’t say anything to Baron before they arrived so that when he woke up from his nap, he would have a biggest surprise. It really is something special, the interaction that he has with his cousins. He loves them so much and gets so very excited when they are here. They are also too good to Baron, flooding him with attention all the time. It really couldn’t be any better.

We headed to the hotel several times over the weekend and each time Baron was thrilled to go. I mean, who wouldn’t. He really has come a long way since the beginning.

031911 (3)

031911 (24) 031911 (58)    031911 (71)

031911 (39)

031911 (9) 031911 (49) 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Snow?

To think that Spring was here and then get dumped on. I think we all were shocked to wake up on Monday morning to the ground covered with snow. Traffic was a mess, what usually takes us less than 10 minutes, took us over 40 minutes to get to school for Baron. Several cars were in the ditches but I have to admit it was a pretty sight. Big flakes fell throughout the day and eventually stopped around 1pm. I think we had close to 4 inches.

Baron of course loved to see it when he woke up and even more, wanted to play in it. However, it was way too wet to even attempt. It’s already melting rapidly and creating this big swamp in our back yard. I sure hope that this is the last of it because I along with everyone else in this house, want to get OUTSIDE!

  031411 (6)

 031411 (7)

 031511 (3)





Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Kite Flyin’ Day

It was really perfect. So perfect that once I got them in the air, I just secured them with a rock and let them fly. Baron wanted to hold his and that was fine but I was afraid he was going to let go and then we would have one unhappy camper. He really liked it but who doesn’t like flying a kite, especially if you don’t have to run at all. That’s my kind of kite flying…


  030211 (6)


030211 (11)

 030211 (14)


030211 (31)


030211 (16) 

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