Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow Forts

It did it again…we ended up with close to 6 inches of snow. It’s almost gone now, but not before we were able to get out this morning with Baron and try some sledding. The sledding ended up turning into building forts for a snowball fight.

Baron was loving it, running back and forth trying to sabotage both of us. Rob had the clever idea to get some buckets after an hour of trying to do it ourselves. It was almost like being at the beach and building a sand castle. The snow was packing sort of and was easy to fill in the bucket and dump it out with it retaining the shape of the bucket. It really made for some TALL forts. At one time, Rob’s was pretty tall and collapsed on Baron. That was a pretty funny sight because it scared the snot out of him. Then later I threw a bucket molded snow ball at Rob, probably weighed 5 lbs (rob says 30lbs)…direct hit on the back…not a good idea (chuckle, chuckle).


Below is Rob’s fort. Yes more structurally sound but lacked height…032711 (3)

  Below is mine. I had to rebuild a couple of times because it fell over, but mine totally dominated.032711 (7)

 032711 (6)


1 comment:

Krista P said...

OK, so, I'm 32 and have never built a snow fort. I seriously need to ge tm y act together.

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