Thursday, March 24, 2011

ipad troubles…

We love our ipad, I am actually surprised that we like it so much. I guess it’s the convenience that we love so much. Initially, I bought it for Rob for Christmas and I was the one that was using it for a good two weeks until he finally caved. Several times over the course of those two weeks, he mentioned that we should take it back. Eventually he and I would fight over it until we figured out a schedule. BUT, none of that matters now that Baron has completely taken it over.

I guess I’m not really shocked that he likes it so much but we are really going to have to watch his time spent on it because he could play FOREVER! So now, the only time we get to use it, is when he’s in bed or he will constantly say, “can I play my game?” over and over again or the occasional finger that creeps in and changes the screen.

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