Monday, February 28, 2011

3 little babies…

This weekend, we headed home to see some babies. Three of my college friends all had little ones about a month apart. The last being Julie with Katelyn. Julie lives in Chicago, so with her being in town, it was imperative that we see Katelyn. Augie is the oldest at 5 mo’s, Blake at 4 mo’s and Katelyn is 3 mo’s. These kids are going to have a blast when they get older.

Thankfully all of us were able to get together at my mom’s house which doesn’t happen enough. The babies were really good. Baron loved that he and Kristi’s daughter, Charli were able to play while the 3 wee ones just chilled. The worst part about it was that I forgot my camera at home. I know, I know, I couldn’t believe it myself. That will teach me a lesson. Thankfully, I borrowed mom’s and was able to make do.

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 022611 (2)_edited-1

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 022611 (8)_edited-1


022611 (11)_edited-1



Monday, February 21, 2011


I tried to hold off as long as I could but he was very persistent. I wouldn’t dislike them so much if they were easy to get off but that’s not the case. Honestly, he didn’t know what they were until I showed him but he kept bugging me why the stickers wouldn’t work. So we added one, then another, and another. I think that he would let me put them all over his body if I wanted to.

He is very protective of his sticker friends. I could only imagine the fit he would produce if I tried to scrub one off. He won’t let us touch them or put his sleeves down. When I put him down for his nap, he insisted that his arms lay on top of the covers as to not disturb his new arm friends. Geez…

 022111 (2)_edited-1

 022111 (3)

Below he’s telling me that I can’t touch them. Just look, ok!?!?!?



022111 (4)

 022111 (5)

 022111 (6)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Party – Take Two

On Valentine’s Day, Baron had his second Valentine Party to go to and it was the class for the Monday & Wednesday kids. After the last party, and knowing that he was going to get some special things, he was overly excited.

This party was really great and all thanks to Eric’s mom for putting it together. They had some really cool snacks and the games were the hit. They had a bean bag toss, pin the tail on cupid, and Valentine bingo. The bean bag toss was Baron’s favorite. He worked up quite a sweat by the time we were all finished.

They each left with Valentine boxes that Baron now takes to bed with him each night along with the bag from his T/TH party. After I put the candy away, he fills both of them with his cars/toys and totes them everywhere with him.









Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Augie

I asked Meg if I could take some pictures of her little guy and boy he didn’t disappoint. I love taking pictures at this age because they just sit there with their big ole eyes and wonder what’s going on. I really had a hard time deciding what pictures to edit because so many turned out well. I love this SO much and here is what it’s all about…

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show

Friday we took Baron to see Mickey’s Magic Show at the Chaifetz Arena. They had an early showing on Friday and it was a prefect time for us. This is the first “Live” show that Baron has been to. He didn’t really understand what we were going to be doing but once we walked into the arena he started jumping up and down seeing Mickey everywhere. Our seats were really good and Baron really liked it. We did too, other than the million times we had to get up to take him to the bathroom. I felt so bad for the family at the end of our seats that had to constantly get up.

Here’s how it would go. We would sit down, he would watch for several minutes and then he was say he had to go potty. We walk to the end of the isle, make the family of 5 all get up to let us pass, walk up the million stairs to the bathroom, get in there and he pees just a little bit. We continue to do this same routine 4 times and each time he poops the smallest little nugget. Very frustrating. When he said it again, I told him to wait. I thought if he pooped, then it would just be a small little rabbit turd to deal with.


Yes, I know the above picture is not clear but it was the best I could get. The kid was excited and jumping up and down.

 021110 (2)

 021110 (3)

 021110 (9)

 021110 (12)

FYI – Baron is not in the video…it’s just of the show.


Valentine Party – Take One

Baron had his Valentine’s Party for his Tuesday/Thursday class this past Thursday. Everyone did such a good job putting it together. It’s so nice to be in the class and helping out. Plus seeing Baron interact with his classmates is priceless.

Baron loved his Valentine bag that he got to take home. This bag goes with us everywhere now and I don’t know how Monday’s class is going to top this bag that he created. You would think because it has candy in it that it was the reason it was so special, but it’s really all the decorating that he did on the outside of the bag that he likes the most. After the first day, the candy was dumped out and his favorite toys were being added.

Valentine Party T-TH-104

 Valentine Party T-TH-32

 Valentine Party T-TH-43

 Valentine Party T-TH-46

 Valentine Party T-TH-78

Sledding, Snowmen, oh my!

Last weekend, Baron stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for two whole nights. He was also surprised that Taylyn was staying too. Mom and Dad had plans to take both of them to Passfield to sled. Passfield is a golf course in the summer and an awesome sledding spot in the winter. I even remember going as a kid.

Thankfully they took many video’s of the sledding a few pictures. Sorry the video is so long, it was very hard to whittle down.

020511 (2)



020511 (3)

 020511 (4)

 020511 (5)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Card Shoot

While picking up Baron from school on Tuesday, I was reminded of his Valentine’s party on Thursday. I had totally forgot and hadn’t done a thing. Since I’m new at this and not really knowing what to do, my sister thankfully stepped in and gave me some pointers. No don’t go with the 8 x 10 framed picture of Baron for all his classmates, instead go with something smaller and perhaps some candy. Glad she clarified that.

Baron was an awesome subject for the pictures. I got him up early from the nap and Rob was nice enough to help out. It’s amazing what one strawberry blow pop can get the kid to do. Too bad that doesn’t work on Rob ;)

020811 (5)_edited-3

020811 (120)_edited-1   020811 (18)_edited-1

020811 (76)_edited-1

 020811 (140)_edited-1

 020811 (85)

 020811 (92)_edited-1

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