Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Augie

I asked Meg if I could take some pictures of her little guy and boy he didn’t disappoint. I love taking pictures at this age because they just sit there with their big ole eyes and wonder what’s going on. I really had a hard time deciding what pictures to edit because so many turned out well. I love this SO much and here is what it’s all about…

1 (140)_edited-1

 1 (30)_edited-1

1 (70)_edited-1


1 (71)_edited-1


1 (28)_edited-1



  1 (124)_edited-1

 1 (176)_edited-1


1 (42)_edited-1


1 (133)_edited-1


1 (91)_edited-1


1 (134)_edited-1

 1 (56)_edited-1

 1 (137)_edited-1

    1 (139)_edited-1


1 (142)_edited-1



1 (182)_edited-1

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