Saturday, February 12, 2011

Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show

Friday we took Baron to see Mickey’s Magic Show at the Chaifetz Arena. They had an early showing on Friday and it was a prefect time for us. This is the first “Live” show that Baron has been to. He didn’t really understand what we were going to be doing but once we walked into the arena he started jumping up and down seeing Mickey everywhere. Our seats were really good and Baron really liked it. We did too, other than the million times we had to get up to take him to the bathroom. I felt so bad for the family at the end of our seats that had to constantly get up.

Here’s how it would go. We would sit down, he would watch for several minutes and then he was say he had to go potty. We walk to the end of the isle, make the family of 5 all get up to let us pass, walk up the million stairs to the bathroom, get in there and he pees just a little bit. We continue to do this same routine 4 times and each time he poops the smallest little nugget. Very frustrating. When he said it again, I told him to wait. I thought if he pooped, then it would just be a small little rabbit turd to deal with.


Yes, I know the above picture is not clear but it was the best I could get. The kid was excited and jumping up and down.

 021110 (2)

 021110 (3)

 021110 (9)

 021110 (12)

FYI – Baron is not in the video…it’s just of the show.


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