Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mr. Upside Down Turtle

Saturday before I let the dogs out I usually look out the window to see how many June bugs have collected. Instead of seeing those nasty bugs I saw Mr. Upside Down Turtle. He was trying his hardest to turn back over but no dice. It was pretty amazing how he could bend his extremely long neck backwards and try to turn him over. I just keep thinking that he’s probably saying to himself, “oh please, oh please, let this work”. Unfortunately I had to take advantage of his little situation to get some good shots because how often is a turtle overturned on your front doorstep. I took my pictures and then sent him on his merry little way.






Baron’s First Birthday Party

I should clarify, this was Baron’s first non – family Birthday party. The Birthday party was at My Gym, where Baron has been going to classes on Saturday. Amanda, the Birthday girl, was turning 2 and thankfully Baron was able to participate. The party lasted for 2 hours and included pizza and cake. I was little worried about the duration but Mr. Mike and Mrs. Lisa keep the kids so entertained throughout that time, that the time really flew by. Baron had a BLAST! With all the songs, to all the activities that they do, he was thoroughly entertained and worn out by the end of it.

Near the end, they served pizza and cake. Now since Baron didn’t eat any of his Birthday cake for his 2nd Birthday party, I was worried that he wouldn’t touch it. The same goes with the pizza. I swear this kid is such a picky eater, (you wouldn’t think so by the looks of him) so when they put the piece of pizza in front of him I just expected him to turn his nose up just like he does at home when something new is introduced. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I started breaking apart pieces and he just reached for the large piece and ate it like a big boy. I was shocked. He ate ALL of the pizza and I even had to fish out the whole end that he so quickly shoved in his mouth. When the cake (cupcake) came, he devoured that as well.

I think I need to get cardboard cutouts of his friends and sit them beside him because I think that’s what makes him eat so well. I’ve seen it now with Riley and Charli. Maybe if I do that he’ll start eating his broccoli and lima beans…



Baron 2


Baron 2-1


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Charli Visit

Last Saturday, I had some of my college friends (who are all preggo, btw) over for a little get together. It was nice to be able to hang out without any big event going on. Kristi and Phil brought their daughter, Charli, who is 3 months older than Baron. I was a little interested to see how he would react with her and he did just fine. She took a while to warm up to him but once that was over, they played and played. We still have to work on the sharing thing with Baron because everything that Charli touched, Baron was right up in her business trying to take it away. I remember him doing this with Riley and he’s stopped with her, so hopefully it will subside as the time they spend together progresses.





Monday, May 17, 2010

Look who’s in his BIG BOY BED!

Rob and I took the leap of faith and transitioned Baron to his big boy bed. After consulting with many on what to do, we finally settled with a twin mattress on the floor. Eventually we will keep adding layers till he’s up to the real thing. But for now, this has worked out just perfect. We decided to bring it out on Wednesday and start with nap time then because he will have just gotten back from school and he is usually exhausted from all the activity. So, all week leading up to this we had been talking a lot about the big boy bed and hoping that it would sink in that something was about to change.

As you can see in the video, he didn’t mind the mattress being on the floor. I think he was just happy that he was actually able to jump on something and not get in trouble. I did the normal routine for his nap and laid him down and told him it’s not play time but nap time and walked out. About 5 mins later I hear a loud noise and, “UH OH” muffled by his binky. I head up there with the camera and see that he’s figured out how to get his vent off. What I didn’t know, was that he had thrown a few books down it. Grrreeeaaat… I think we put him down at 12.45pm and he was finally asleep by 2.30pm. He eventually fell asleep after many times of Rob and I heading in there to have him lay back down. Bed time was much easier, he did cry a little bit but I think because it was so dark he didn’t get up and went to sleep right away and it has been that way since. We’re still working on mastering the nap time but I do have to say that it has been getting much better and only the first day did it take that long. I think the longest since then has been 30 mins. Not too shabby…Our lil guy is growing up.


 051210 (25) 

051210 (27)

He has been known to sneak a book to bed from time to time…051210 (28)



Friday, May 14, 2010

The Guys

Since this was Rob’s territory, I let Rob do this post. I think that he was surprised that I would actually let him do one. I was even more surprised when I received his draft on my desk. I thought that he would have written just a few lines but no, it’s almost a novel. All too funny… Here ya go!

Beth asked me to post the following blog for Baron’s Guys. Every morning after waking up Baron, we head to the breakfast table where Baron has a set of characters ranging from soldiers to engineers that he plays with. I named each after people in Baron’s life (boys and girls are equally eligible to be one of the “Guys”) and gave them special roles to play protecting him on their daily missions. Baron selects his favorite(s) for the day and launches them into the mission by heaving the character through the air and upon landing always leans over asking them “Hey Guy, are you Ok?.” After each mission is completed, we repeat the process until I grow tired or Baron finishes his Eggo waffle.

These are Baron's "Guys", protecting Baron and his world, fighting secret battles, and keeping him safe 24 hours a day.

Back Row left to right:

Davo Demonic aka Dave Mathon: is the military strategist and engineer for all things constructed or demolished. He is as mean as he is smart often volunteering to interrogate the enemy one on one.

Beth Boom Boom aka Beth James: a weapons specialist providing all the guns and military hardware for the Guys. She is also a huge distraction to the enemy causing them to make big mistakes; playing with their pride, and sometimes their lives. She’s able to execute a special goalie kick that can break legs in one sweep.

Robo ‘the Romantic’ aka Rob James (he can be romantic because the rest of the crew is so vicious) collects military intelligence behind enemy lines.

Brian 'my lil buddy' The Beast aka Brian Mann he is sarcastic as he is mean never stopping until the enemy is mentally destroyed by his wit. His is a world class swimmer and an underwater specialist.

From Row left to right:

Matt 'Big Hands' Mayhem aka Matt Holden who is the first line of defense maintaining the perimeter clobbering foes with his giant hands at will. Matt has become very popular with the local children as he tosses them candy and toys throughout the year.

Mike ‘the Merciless’ aka Mike Erb: who maintains a year round tan and acts as a double agent fooling the enemy with his big smile and winning personality until he lures them to weak positions where the Guys can take care of business.

Big Rob aka Rob James (has a split personality and gets to play two characters) he is a bomb expert and assassin, but most of his profile is a mystery as he is uber-paranoid and keeps most things private and to himself.

 050710 (12)-1

Friday, May 7, 2010

June Bugs

I am amazed each morning walking down the stairs and looking out the front door to see how many June Bugs have accumulated from the night before. Each day I sweep these nasty lil suckers off the porch to the kind birds that come and take them away only to have them re-group and settle on the porch again.

Baron has taken a big interest in these bugs even to the fact that when he comes down in the morning the whole way down he’s saying, “step, bugs, step, bugs” meaning that he wants to step on the bugs. That’s his big thing now and it’s even gotten me concerned that he would do it to some small animal if given the chance. Let’s hope this is just a phase and it doesn’t transition into something really bad.


New Shades

While at Wal-Mart last night we stumbled upon the $1 section. Boy, oh boy, what fun did we have. Thankfully, we only walked away with some snazzy lookin’ shades and a dolphin balloon. I didn’t think Baron would be into the sunglasses since he has had some since birth and every time I try to put them on him, he smacks them right off. Maybe he likes these because they are not wrapped around his giant skull and instead he gets to wear them like his dad. I know, a little girly but not bad for a bag of 7 for just $1.

The video has nothing to do with the glasses, just some video I took the other day since it’s been awhile.

050710 (15) 050710  050710 (18)050710 (25) 050710 (17)


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