Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baron’s First Birthday Party

I should clarify, this was Baron’s first non – family Birthday party. The Birthday party was at My Gym, where Baron has been going to classes on Saturday. Amanda, the Birthday girl, was turning 2 and thankfully Baron was able to participate. The party lasted for 2 hours and included pizza and cake. I was little worried about the duration but Mr. Mike and Mrs. Lisa keep the kids so entertained throughout that time, that the time really flew by. Baron had a BLAST! With all the songs, to all the activities that they do, he was thoroughly entertained and worn out by the end of it.

Near the end, they served pizza and cake. Now since Baron didn’t eat any of his Birthday cake for his 2nd Birthday party, I was worried that he wouldn’t touch it. The same goes with the pizza. I swear this kid is such a picky eater, (you wouldn’t think so by the looks of him) so when they put the piece of pizza in front of him I just expected him to turn his nose up just like he does at home when something new is introduced. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I started breaking apart pieces and he just reached for the large piece and ate it like a big boy. I was shocked. He ate ALL of the pizza and I even had to fish out the whole end that he so quickly shoved in his mouth. When the cake (cupcake) came, he devoured that as well.

I think I need to get cardboard cutouts of his friends and sit them beside him because I think that’s what makes him eat so well. I’ve seen it now with Riley and Charli. Maybe if I do that he’ll start eating his broccoli and lima beans…



Baron 2


Baron 2-1


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Krista P said...

What's with all the kids having gorgeous eyes?

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