Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kite Sunday

While Amy, Cory and the kids were here this weekend Rob and I decided to get some kite's for them to fly. Our land is really prefect for that since we sit at the top of a hill and there are no power lines close.
We started assembling the kites Sunday morning thinking it would be really easy but that proved not the case what so ever. Griffin had a jet (which was the hardest to assemble), Candon had a shark, and Taylyn had a butterfly (this was by far the easiest). Finally after over an hour trying to get these things together we gave them all a shot. Go figure the hardest one to put together flew the best, and the easiest wouldn't even get 5 ft off the ground. Candon's shark was hit and miss. At least we tried and hopefully by the time they come out again we can have some decent kites that will ALL fly.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Riley: Burps, Bellies and More

The headline explains it all. Although I thought about using "Riley the incredible pot bellied baby" but thought against it. Too funny!

Special Message for Airplane Grma & Grmpa

Rough Day in the Crib

This was such a strange occurrence and has never happened before. After Baron wakes up from his nap in the afternoon and since Rob and I both work from home, we have Baron play in his crib so that we can get some more work done. This particular day, was just like all of the others, I added the toys and left him alone all while I am down in my office and can hear him playing and talking on the baby monitor. After about 20 mins of playing I noticed that I hadn't heard anything and ran upstairs frantically. I walked in and saw this below...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Laughing at the Dog

While I was trying to finish some paperwork I started hearing Baron laughing really hard in the kitchen with Rob. A baby laughing could pull me away from practically anything. Of course I had to go and check out and see what I was missing and thankfully I was able to catch it with the camera. Baron was just getting the biggest kick out of Reinhardt jumping to get the food. I have seem him do that before but not as long. Definitely good times...
Oh and Reinhardt threw up later...definitely not good times.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Frankenstein Walking Baby

Well it's starting...hopefully soon he will be doing the real thing. Baron at first, started pushing his activity table around the room and then we put him to the test and had him try his walker. Took a little coaxing at first but he soon caught on. The only problem is that he gets so excited that he wants to jump up and down which doesn't go well with his Frankenstein walk. Hopefully he'll start being a little more graceful with the walk.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Telephone w/o the Telephone

I don't know if it's really telephone but I didn't know what to title it. I thought this was funny and should post it. I'm sure I will hear otherwise if I'm wrong.
This happened today while Rob was watching Baron and I was down in my office getting some work done. He would yell out and I would yell back. This seriously went on for 30 mins. I probably should have been yelling something more educational but I kept up with the "ahhh" as long as he did. Then Rob crushed his head...

Look Ma - No Hands!

Baron has started the process to walking.It's so exciting! He's now taking the courage to stand alone unattached to anything. Rob has been counting and says that he's stood without holding on for over 10 seconds. I have seen it too but it's so darn hard to capture that on camera. The other day I say him take a step and then crash to the floor. I'm sure he had no idea what he was doing.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kisses and Waves

We've got the kiss thing down but if we could only get him to wave with just one hand instead of two. Rob just told me that he's also starting to say "da da". We'll see if we can get that on camera but I think that we should just stick to "ma ma". Much better...

Reinhardt and Baron

As any new parent knows, introducing your new baby to your animals or the thought of it, is a little stressful. I was worried how the dogs would react to Baron once he was able to move around on his own. With Heidrich the small dog, I knew from the beginning that it would be a struggle for him to accept the new baby in the house. However, Reinhardt has really surprised me. He's this gentle giant that allows Baron to crawl, tug, push and slobber all over. I haven't seen or heard anything that would make any cause for concern and that in itself is such a relief.
The other day Reinhardt was in the room with Baron and I keep hearing this whimpering sound while I was putting away his clothes. I turned around and Baron had a hold of his ear and was pulling it, not wanting to let go all while laughing. Poor Reinhardt, always getting picked on. Although he's learned that Baron tends to share a lot of his food and I think that makes up for it.

Red Wagon Ride

For some reason Rob is so fascinated with the Red Wagon that he won from work a few years back. When Baron was really little, he would keep mentioning getting the wagon out and taking him for a ride. Well, now he finally did it. I think that Rob was more giddy than Baron, he might have actually been drooling in delight.
Now, it's very convenient since all we have to do is strap Baron in, and wheel him next door to see his grandparents.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My First Weekend with Grandma & Grandpa

This past weekend Rob and I went to Chicago for a friends birthday and dropped Baron off for his first visit with Mom and Dad. I was a little nervous at first because we were going to be so far away but I know now that I shouldn't have been.
They said that he was such a good boy and were expecting a few crying fits but he never did. I think that he was just happy to have some new faces to stare at. We all know how Dad likes to entertain. They took him to church where he crawled around near the back,gave him a bath and said he slept through the night (thank goodness!). Mom was nice enough to write everything down so that we knew what happened. When we arrived to pick him up, he was so tuckered out from all the playing, I don't think we were out of their subdivision by the time he fell asleep.

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