Thursday, September 30, 2010

BBQ Bash

Wildwood had a huge festival this weekend. Last year we went, but they didn’t have the kids area. This year, with it being much bigger, they had a nice kids area with several jump houses, swings, and a couple of rides that unfortunately Baron was too young to ride. However,not too young to play on the 3 giant jump houses. You would think Baron would have his fill after the night before but he was just as excited.






Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Friday we headed to St. Charles for their Oktoberfest celebration. We had been two years prior and knew what to expect. As we were walking up to all the tents, we noticed several jump houses for kids. Baron of course spotted them first and was yelling, “jumpy house, jumpy house!”. So we headed in, only to be told that they were supposed to be shutting down for the night. I asked if we could go in anyway because I could see kids still jumping. Thankfully, I did because Baron jumped till his hearts content for a good hour and a half before they started deflating the houses.

The last and most crowded jump house had an area inside it where you climb up some stairs and then slide down the slide. Of course Baron wanted to try but apparently he was too slow for the other kids behind him as they called him slowpoke. After I heard that, I hear Baron’s little voice yell, “I’m not slowpoke, I’m Baron!”. Rob and I were dying! Finally he made it to the top and several trips after that.

After the houses were shutting down, our sweaty lil monster gladly climbed into the stroller for some juice and we headed over one of the several stages where a band was playing. As usual Baron loved this part, having most of the dance floor to himself and another little girl. They were partners the whole night.

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Grandparents Day

Last Wednesday was Grandparents Day at Baron’s school. We were thankful that Rob’s dad was able to go and they provided him with a chair to sit.  Rob also went along to oversee and take some pictures. Baron was pretty shocked to see his Grandpa show up at school. They were only there for an hour to be able to see their circle time and to also do a craft together but that was plenty. Rob said they went around the room asking each child what they like most about their grandparent, and Baron told them he likes to wear his helmet and run into “pa pa”. Apparently he did this the last time he went over to their house. They all thought it was pretty funny.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last Friday, Rob and I decided to take Baron to the Zoo. I wanted to get there when it opened because many of the attractions were free between the hours of 9am – 10am as well as parking. We arrived on time and it was so different heading in when there seemed to be no one there but us. We headed straight to the stingray exhibit where you can touch and feed the Stingrays.

Baron was amazed at these guys but didn’t want to touch them. He would put his hand in the water yet when they would glide near him he would pull it out right away. Next, we went to the Children’s Zoo where there are baby goats that you can pet. This was pretty neat and nice that it wasn’t that crowded because I could only imagine what it’s like when it is. Baron would run from one goat to the next and was pretty amazed that they would climb the walls. I don’t think that there was anything that he didn’t enjoy seeing there.

By the time we started to head out, Baron was ready as he didn’t make a fuss when I put him back in the stroller to walk out. Once we got in the car, he was ready to go back in.



 Baron 2


Baron 2-1



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eureka Days

A few weekends ago, Rob, Matt and I met up with Chad, Stacy, and Riley to go to Eureka Days. The same group went last year but the kids were so little they couldn’t ride any rides. So this year, I was excited because Baron was now old enough to ride a few of the rides until I saw the giant mud pit all the rides sat around. My memory of the big storm the night before was now starting to dawn on me. Looking around it seriously looked like the pictures from Woodstock. There were kids running around all muddy and I was having a hard time getting Baron to settle down after him seeing all the rides and us talking about it. I knew that we would have to get him on something.

Thankfully, we were able to maneuver somewhat through the mess for both of the kids to ride the carousel and the giant slide. Thank goodness we didn’t get that dirty and Baron only had a few mud spots on him. After that, we headed over to the main stage where Baron and Riley were dancing buddies. Later, there was a firework show and I think that it was better than the 4th of July show we see around here. It was really good! Baron loved the fireworks and is still talking about them.



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Monday, September 13, 2010


Every since I read in the local paper that they give out helmets for free at the Fire Station, we had planned to go. Friday while I worked, Rob took Baron to get his hair cut and stopped at the firehouse on the way home. I don’t know what’s up with this kid and helmets but when we go to Wal-Mart and near the bike isle, he gets just as excited at the helmets as he does the bikes. He likes his helmet and if he could wear it to bed he would.




Friday, September 10, 2010

Goin’ Fishin’

As we were walking back from our trip to Valasis Park Baron spotted a little boy fishing. So I took him over to see. Baron was amazed. This little boy had a small red Spiderman fishing pole and was fishing in the pond. He was nice enough to let Baron try. The whole way home he wouldn’t stop talking about the red fishing pole. Being the good non-impulsive parents we are, bought a couple that night.

The following night was a perfect time to try it out. We were both very cautious because having Baron near the pond was always something we told him never to do and didn’t want to send mixed signals. So we’ll see how that goes. Rob had the poles ready and Baron couldn’t sit still on the ride down. He did really well! I was surprised how patient he was. He needed a little help casting the line but as far as reeling it in, he was fine by himself.

Rob caught a fish right away which to Baron was absolutely GOLD. He had never been so close to a fish that he could actually touch and once he did, he didn’t want to do it again. By the end of the evening, Rob was on one side using the Spiderman pole and I was on the other using the other pole while Baron ran between us checking to see if we caught any. It was a good night:)








Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Valasis Park

This past weekend, I took Baron to the park where you can feed the ducks and also play on the equipment. I finally remembered to bring some bread this time and Baron was very happy about that but once it was gone, thankfully the playground equipment was nearby.

I had a hard time getting Baron to let the ducks eat out of his hand and to ration the bread. At one time he threw a whole piece and I think that a duck almost choked to death trying to gobble it up so quickly.

Slow day at the house…


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