Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eureka Days

A few weekends ago, Rob, Matt and I met up with Chad, Stacy, and Riley to go to Eureka Days. The same group went last year but the kids were so little they couldn’t ride any rides. So this year, I was excited because Baron was now old enough to ride a few of the rides until I saw the giant mud pit all the rides sat around. My memory of the big storm the night before was now starting to dawn on me. Looking around it seriously looked like the pictures from Woodstock. There were kids running around all muddy and I was having a hard time getting Baron to settle down after him seeing all the rides and us talking about it. I knew that we would have to get him on something.

Thankfully, we were able to maneuver somewhat through the mess for both of the kids to ride the carousel and the giant slide. Thank goodness we didn’t get that dirty and Baron only had a few mud spots on him. After that, we headed over to the main stage where Baron and Riley were dancing buddies. Later, there was a firework show and I think that it was better than the 4th of July show we see around here. It was really good! Baron loved the fireworks and is still talking about them.



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