About Me

I am a stay at home mom/full time business owner. We (my husband and I) run a business out of our home all while juggling our 22 month old Baron. It works, however, it does get a little crazy at times and I have had several moments of telling customers to please excuse the screaming child that wants anything and everything. Some days I am shocked that we were able to do what we are doing and still make money but I thank God for each and every day that we are able to continue this.

A friend of mine opened my eyes to blogging (Thank you Kristi!). I thought it was a great idea to document the day in the life of our little miracle all while allowing far away family and friends to peer into our lives and see the progress with Baron. It literally opened another chapter in my life and created a new hobby of tweaking and fine tuning my little baby that was created.

With the creation of the blog, and me trolling other sites for more information on how to make my blog better, I kept noticing these amazing pictures that others were posting on their sites. The clarity was unreal. That in turn, started another chapter about all things photography. I bought my first DSLR camera and started to duplicate what others were creating until I could stand on my own.

My husband is my biggest supporter of all. I can't imagine not being able to run my crazy ideas by him. He gives me the biggest push to continue to use my creative side and not be afraid to go there. I love him for that.

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