Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forrest Park Earth Day


Stacy and Riley were nice enough to meet us out at Forrest Park this past Saturday. There was a huge Earth Day festival going on with tents, belly dancers, music, you name it, it was there. The day was gorgeous even with the ever present high winds. It actually made it more enjoyable to have such a strong breeze to cool you off. We walked around and looked for spots where we could let the cattle roam. Riley was into the dogs and Baron was in the bark...from the trees. Go figure, of all the things to look at, he picks the bark to focus on. Although, we were at an Earth Day festival, so maybe he was just showing his appreciation.



The Mall Play Area

On Monday, since it was rainy out and I had to take some stuff back to the mall, Rob and I decided to take Baron to the children's play area. The video isn't anything special but always like posting them anyway.
Baron of course loved the play area. At first he just stayed in his little section, however, as soon as he saw the other children running around he wanted to follow. It was kind of sad because he would walk up to some of the older kids and try to get their attention. I think he expects a ton of attention like his cousins give him. Wasn't happening here...:( It was a little nerve racking with the others running around wild (which I know that is the purpose of the play area) and they would often run into Baron and knock him down. But being the chunk that he is, he got right back up and tried to get their attention again. Oh, and he got stuck in the stationary car. I finally captured it on video when Rob was walking over to help him but just before that, we could see him trying to inch his way out and then finally the yells came, "ahh, ahh, ahh." Too funny.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Park Visit




Yesterday, we had plans to meet some of Rob's friends out for dinner and after we were finished we decided to take Baron to the park. Last time we went, he wasn't walking so we just pushed him around in the stroller but this time was so much better since he's walking now. Thankfully, this park wasn't as big as the one before and was fairly small. I don't think that Baron knew what to do at first. With all of the other children running around he literally just stood there for a good 5 mins just taking everything in. He finally snapped out of it and with his eyes opened wide, started running after the other kids.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Outside Playground


I have a feeling we're going to be outside an awful lot this summer and that's most definitely a good thing. I am so glad that Baron is walking which makes it a lot easier for him to enjoy the outdoors besides sitting in the grass in one place. I don't know why, but he doesn't like to crawl in the grass. So because he's still pretty new to this walking thing, if he falls, he needs something to grab onto to help him up or for one of us to prop him up. He's figured out how to do it on his own inside, however, he still is trying to master it outside and in the grass.

Bubbles & the Dogs



This is the second time that Baron has seen the bubbles, however, the first time for the dogs to experience them. I didn't know that they would go that crazy and for Baron to get such a big kick out of it. Now that it's nice outside, we'll bring the bubbles out and he'll just sit there and watch Reinhardt and Heidrich go nuts for them, while laughing the whole time. If I would have known that bubbles would have brought this much joy, then I would have started it a long time ago.

Oh, and I am strictly the bubble blower around here. Rob can't blow a bubble for the life of him. Hee hee.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Heimlich's New Hair Cut


Right before the summer we always get Heimlich's hair buzzed off. One, we're tired of picking up patches of fur all around the house because he's shedding his winter coat and two, I think he likes it. Plus, it just makes him so much more interesting to look at.

Can I have that?


Baron is such a good little boy. I'm just wondering when he's going to catch on that when I ask for it, I'm not going to give it back.

Sunday, April 19, 2009



With the nice weather, we have been taking Baron outside more and more. It's fun, but the kid just sits there pulling the grass. I would have thought that he would be running around trying to get to the pond or the hammock, but no, he just wants to sit there and play the grass. To each their own I guess. Sure makes it easy to keep an eye on him.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Playing with a New Camera

My 30th birthday is coming up. I know I'm getting old but for some reason it doesn't bother me turning 30. The thing that does bother me is owning a mini-van at 30. Don't know why and I'm not knocking the mini-van because we all know that's going to be our next car if we want to have more kids, but that to me is the symbol that says "you're not young anymore". Anyway, for my 30th, Rob wanted to get me something really special. I had been looking at the more professional cameras (digital SLR's) for awhile and after talking to a few people that owned them I decided that's what I wanted. I didn't think that I would actually get the camera until the big day but Rob, the great guy that he is, suprised me early with it. I am not even 24 hrs into it, however, it is so cool. It makes taking pictures of Baron so much easier because of the quick shutter speed and that alone makes it all worthwhile. I'm so excited to see what is to come!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Madness

Well, Baron's first Easter went really well despite being a little under the weather. Rob and I decided if he was feeling better Saturday we would take him to the mall to see the 10ft Easter Bunny. That bunny was H U G E! I was a little nervous because I had heard from several others that kids were afraid of the big ol' bunny and sure enough, when we walked up, this poor little girl was throwing a giant fit. But Mommy wanted her picture and made her sit on his lap. That was a sight to see. Made me actually feel bad for the ol' bunny to have to sit there and try to hold her down.
I knew that Baron was still not feeling 100% but I figured he would be fine. I was right as he looked at that big ol' bunny and thought he's not soo bad. He did very well, sitting pretty while Rob and I acted like fools trying to get the kid to smile. He didn't give us one of those all out Baron dimple smiles but we did get a nice grin. I'll take it, considering it could have ended up like the little girl before us.

Since this was his first Easter with it raining outside and him being sick, Rob and I decided to do something inside for him. We were really in a predicament because he just turned one and we didn't know what his involvement would be. So, we played it a little mild to our standards and we think it was just right. He LOVED the balloon, which we knew he would but he also really liked the wind up lil Chickie. Go figure, the cheapest thing...

For the last couple of years we having been going over to Rob's parents house for Easter. I remember last year going over when Baron was just a little tiny baby. In fact, they gave Baron his first Easter Bunny. He slept through the whole thing. This time was very different. Baron sat in between Rob's dad and I and he thoroughly enjoyed the big bunny sitting across from him. It is always nice to get together with his parents. They are such nice people where their motto is posted on the cabinet saying "keep it simple" and they do just that. It makes it so much easier, especially with a 1 year old.

Walkin' Walkin' Walkin'

Baron is definitely walking now. It's so cute how he holds his arms up high so it gives him balance. He now loves to be chased around and when I start to come after him he starts breathing heavy like he's just run a mile. So cute. We are loving every single minute of it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Boy Baron!

One down 17 to go...We can't believe that a year has already come and gone. The night before the party, Rob and I were laying in bed thinking back at that same moment a year ago when I was in the hospital. The emotions that come up of the different point of views of Rob running home to grab all the essentials and to me nervously awaiting alone in the delivery room hoping that Rob will be back soon and not knowing what to expect. It's funny, as the first few months progress, all we could think was the next stage he was going to hit and why it was taking so long. Now, looking back it wasn't long at all. Now our little boy is a year old.
The birthday party went really well. We were blessed with nice sunny weather, a little windy but can't complain at all. I had decided several weeks before to do a Baby Einstein cake for Baron and was a little nervous how it was going to turn out. However, with all the help that I had, we were able to overcome a few issues and it turned out fantastic. Baron loved his cake, mainly the icing, which was all over his face and really loved his first sucker.

Baron made out like a king with all the presents he received. Just to name a few...Aunt Amy gave him the Cosy Coupe Car, which he loves to be pushed around in. However, he keeps opening the door to lean his head out and watch the ground go by. Need to stop that somehow. Uncle Chad and Aunt Stacy gave him this really neat tunnel/tent that can be re-arranged in different sections. He loves to crawl from one opening to the other and occasionally stop in the middle and play with the balls. Unfortunately, that night while playing in the ball pit he threw up. Yuck! It's was funny though, Amy's kids came up to tell me what he did and that it stunk. Go figure, Baron broke one of the cardinal rules in the ball pit.

We really had a good time this past weekend and I think Baron can definitely say the same. Thank you to all who helped make this happen!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ball Pit Fun

One of our presents for Baron's 1st birthday was an inflatable ball pit. So Saturday morning, with the help of Taylyn, we set it up. Baron's first look was that of wonder. He climbed in and loved it instantly. But the most fun of all was when Riley and Baron were in there together. Not only was there so much static that made their hair start standing up (especially Riley's with the help of a little bed head) but also the hundreds of balls that we all kept adding, made them both love it.

Squeak Squeak & More

I had bought some squeaky shoes through e-bay a few weeks back and when I put them on Baron it was a riot. With the little walking that he was doing, I wondered if he would be able to make them squeak. He did and he loved it. In fact, instead of walking he would just jump up and down just to hear it. So, I wanted to see what Riley's reaction would be. Too funny...

We're a walkin'

According to Amy, she said that he's definitely walking. Not to be so technical, but I didn't really know what defined walking. What does define walking? If he takes 3-4 steps and then falls down is not considered walking, but when he takes 10-12, it is walking. What say you?
I will just take the wisdom from someone who has been there 4 times to say that he is. Who officially, he was walking about a week prior to his birthday. Snaps for Baron!

Pillow Smash

I've had these pillows for a while and just to explain, they are very soft, almost like the softness of a teddy bear. Hence, Baron's obsession with slamming them to the ground as he does with his teddy.

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