Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Madness

Well, Baron's first Easter went really well despite being a little under the weather. Rob and I decided if he was feeling better Saturday we would take him to the mall to see the 10ft Easter Bunny. That bunny was H U G E! I was a little nervous because I had heard from several others that kids were afraid of the big ol' bunny and sure enough, when we walked up, this poor little girl was throwing a giant fit. But Mommy wanted her picture and made her sit on his lap. That was a sight to see. Made me actually feel bad for the ol' bunny to have to sit there and try to hold her down.
I knew that Baron was still not feeling 100% but I figured he would be fine. I was right as he looked at that big ol' bunny and thought he's not soo bad. He did very well, sitting pretty while Rob and I acted like fools trying to get the kid to smile. He didn't give us one of those all out Baron dimple smiles but we did get a nice grin. I'll take it, considering it could have ended up like the little girl before us.

Since this was his first Easter with it raining outside and him being sick, Rob and I decided to do something inside for him. We were really in a predicament because he just turned one and we didn't know what his involvement would be. So, we played it a little mild to our standards and we think it was just right. He LOVED the balloon, which we knew he would but he also really liked the wind up lil Chickie. Go figure, the cheapest thing...

For the last couple of years we having been going over to Rob's parents house for Easter. I remember last year going over when Baron was just a little tiny baby. In fact, they gave Baron his first Easter Bunny. He slept through the whole thing. This time was very different. Baron sat in between Rob's dad and I and he thoroughly enjoyed the big bunny sitting across from him. It is always nice to get together with his parents. They are such nice people where their motto is posted on the cabinet saying "keep it simple" and they do just that. It makes it so much easier, especially with a 1 year old.

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