Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can you smell that? Smells like S P R I N G!!

Today was such a nice day albeit still a little chilly but it was nice enough for us to take Baron to the park to play. He had no idea where we were going yet once he spotted the slides he couldn't contain himself. Legs thrashing, constant screaming in excitement, he knew then what was ahead.

It's amazing what some time will do. Last time he wasn't able to climb up by himself without some help and this time he was running around like a champ, going down the big boy slides and even climbing up the rock climbing wall. Amazing and it's only the beginning.

He ran everywhere and once it was time to go, he went along without any fuss. Rob and I looked at each other in amazement. I guess he was tired. By the time we got him to the car and pulled off his hat, I couldn't believe how sweaty he was. His hair was practically all wet and matted down. He downed all the juice we brought him and once home, we put him down for a nap and had to wake him up at 5pm. Nice!

Little Miss Avery

We had such a special treat Saturday as Brian and Avery came over to play. Avery started out a little slow but she definitely warmed up to the little girl we all know her to be. She was such a delight and once downstairs with all the playground equipment she was in heaven. I can't even count the amount of times she went down the slide. It was great.

Baron was pretty good. There were times where he wouldn't wait his turn and was easily much more rough than we would like but Avery didn't have any problems speaking up.

Can't wait to have more play dates with lil Miss Avery!

Hatalla Weekend - Part 5

This is the last of the Hatalla weekend posts. As I said before, Taylyn was kind enough to sit through me trying some things out in the DIY studio.
I think they turned out pretty good...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hatalla Weekend - Part 4

Since they are were so willing, I made them sit and pose for me. I didn't get that many shots off due to some unknown reason that I can't remember but I did get these. Not too bad.

Taylyn is up next but I have close to 100 shots to go through. She was willing to let me try out my DIY studio in the basement and it's much easier trying on her than Baron. She will actually sit in place and not try to pull the backdrop down.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hatalla Weekend - Part 3

While Rob took Baron to his class Saturday morning, I stayed home with the kids. I decided we needed to make some desserts. Taylyn and I made a cake while the boys made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips.
They all did really well and I basically just watched to make sure nothing went in the bowls that wasn't supposed to. Of course, to complete the baking challenge, they all had to cover their faces in flour. I don't know what I was doing but I only snapped one picture of Taylyn. I think it was Griffin that started it and then the rest followed. Taylyn looks like a ghost.

Hatalla Weekend - Part 2

The second night, we took them to a place called Sports Fusion. This is a giant warehouse with several sections of activities. They have:

Laser Tag
Miniature Golf
Rock Climbing
Jumpshot Basketball

This was such a neat place and large enough that Baron could run around without being a pain to others. The general consensus was they liked this place much better than Monkey Joes due to all the different activites. I think that they could have had something for children under the age of 3 but overall it's definitely a place that we will go back to with the older kids.

Hatalla Weekend - Part 1

Amy asked me to watch her kids this past weekend because Cory was on a man-cation and Amy had to work. Rob and I happily accepted. As soon as it was a sure thing, Rob and I started scouting out possible activities to do while they were here. Granted we only had a weekend with them and Amy would be driving down Saturday afternoon, Rob and I were still pumped.
We finally decided to take them to Monkey Joe's Friday night, that way Baron and Riley would also be entertained.
The whole way there they didn't know where we were going and since Rob and Baron were meeting us, they knew something was up. I kept telling them we were going to hang out at the library. How fun is that?!?!?
As they walked in, there was just shock and awe. They climbed, jumped, and flipped to their hearts content.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bucket Heads

I had so much video from the weekend it was hard to whittle them down. I couldn't pass this video up. Nothing like buckets to entertain kids.


It feels like I haven’t posted anything for awhile and I’m trying out a new program that helps making the posting a bit easier. We’ll see how it goes.

Riley came over Saturday for a sleepover. It really was such a great visit. The progress both of them made playing together was remarkable. Before we went on our trip, Rob pulled in the little tykes equipment from outside and put it in the basement. I wish I had the camera for Baron’s expression because it very well should have been Christmas morning because he went absolutely bonkers! He loved it and played with it more inside than outside. Such a good idea Rob.

Anyway, back to Baron and Riley. They both were climbing all over the equipment, chasing each other around and holding long meaningful conversations underneath the blanket that I put over the tops of the slides. It was too funny. I have no idea what either of them were saying but they would sit there and have a conversation for a good minute. I was too funny.






Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mexico 2010


Rob and I were very lucky to get away for a quick trip to Mexico last week. Thanks to Aunt Amy and Mom and Dad for keeping an eye on him. It was hard leaving Baron for that time but also very comforting that we knew he was in good hands.

The resort we stayed at was about 2.5 years old and the grounds were immaculate. The rooms were also very nice with a balcony and huge sliding glass doors that you could open up to hear the waves. The time flew by of course but it was so nice to reconnect with Rob. He and I didn't do much and only left the resort to go into Cancun for one night. It was really a good trip and thankfully the weather cooperated. I was able to get a nice tan, while Rob, my little albino had to stay out of the sun due to some medication he was taking. We didn't realize that until after the first day he had a nasty rash and blisters pop up. Not fun. He was a trooper though and thankfully there were many places to hide out of the sun on the beach.

I can't wait to be able to take Baron to one of these places. Hopefully this summer we will be able to get him to the ocean somewhere. He will have so much fun!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home at last...

Rob and I took a trip to Mexico this past week. Actually it was 4 days/3 nights. It was just the right amount of time to be away from Baron. If this had been pre Baron, we would have definitely stayed longer.
Our flight arrived late Saturday night and we were both itching to go pick Baron up from my parents house. Rob made the trip north alone while I unpacked and took care of many loose ends with the business. When they pulled in, I couldn't wait to run out there and see the little man. It's amazing how much they change in just the few days that we were apart from him.
He was so excited to be home and he was such a happy little boy. We brought home a sombrero and a rain maker (don't really know what they are called). He absolutely loved them. He even let me take some pictures of him in his hat. Now that's saying something!
I will post more on the trip with another separate post due to the hundreds of pictures to edit through.






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