Sunday, March 29, 2009

My New Teddy

Baron is totally lovin' his new Teddy that Rob got for him. It's so cute to see him like something so much, something that you can show him that will instantly bring a smile to his face. He likes to carry his "teddy" around everywhere he goes in the room. Puts Teddy up on the window sill, teddy on the bed, teddy under the bed, teddy in the get the idea. Teddy gets around. Not only that, but Teddy takes a beating. For some reason Baron likes to stand up and then crash down on Teddy, don't know why, possibly too much UFC with his dad :(
Oh and when we go to put Teddy to bed at night, better be careful where you pick him up. Let's just say a little slobber is an understatement.


I took this video back in January and didn't know if I should post it or not and actually forgot about it. I stumbled on it today. I know it seems pretty gross but for some reason I get a chuckle out of it. Just so you know, this was a new one and I had to give him something so he wouldn't try to wiggle out of getting his diaper changed.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My First Visit to Church

Rob and I had been planning on getting to church for a long time but as everyone knows with a baby it makes it a little more complicated. So, Rob went a couple of weeks ago and scouted out the nursery and took notes (literally) to find out where we needed to go in order for everything to go smoothly.
I was very nervous about this because: 1. I was leaving him with someone I didn't know 2. he's such a Brut and I was really fearing him being in a room with smaller children because he has been known from time to time to pull some hair and also tackle others 3. it was during nap time meaning he would either have no nap at all or a very short one. We choose the later, because when baby doesn't have a nap, baby is NOT happy.
As we were standing in line checking in, what do I see in front of me? Oh, just a little girl about Baron's age with beautiful blond pig tails, bows, everything. All I kept thinking was, please do not let her be in the same room as Baron because her little bows are going to be out of that hair in a matter of minutes and the pigtails will definitely not be looking like they did when she arrived. Thankfully she wasn't...phew.
All in all, it went great. No problems that we know of. Just hope that it stays that way.

New Words...

So we have been trying to teach some new words to Baron and it seems like he's picked up on "kitty" and "uh - oh". I didn't notice it at first but when I would point at the kitty, it sounded like he was saying daddy but soon thereafter every time we would pass the cat he would say it. It's so cute...although we're going a little overboard and making him do it all the time.

Friday Walk

Since the weather has been getting much warmer outside we have been taking Baron for more and more walks down on the trails. He seems to like it and especially likes it when he gets to see the dogs and even better when they stop to talk to us.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A few steps here, a few steps there...

We're making more progress with the whole walking thing. He's gaining more courage each time. We have noticed him walking between anything that has a distance of about 2-3 feet but lately he's starting to just walk out in the open. It's usually a few steps and then down. I think that Rob counted 4 steps the other day. So exciting for us, we are ready for the next level...

Baron & Taylyn

This past weekend we went home to see the parents and picked up Taylyn on the way. I don't know who was more excited, she or Baron. Once we were on the road, I think they went back and forth with the "ahh's" for a good 20 mins, all while he tried to snag a piece of her hair and she continuously trying to deflect him. We enjoyed it. It really makes a difference when she's around. He's really entertained by her and I can definitely say the same for her.

Piano Lessons with Rob

Of course Rob wants Baron to become this child prodigy, so he started giving him lessons every night from 5.30pm to about when Baron has had enough. Not really...Baron just likes to smack the keys and see what happens. Half the time I don't even think that he wants to do that, because he keeps wanting to crawl inside and close the lid. He's curious where the sounds are coming from. However, he is demonstrating excellent form. He may be that child prodigy after all.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Random Post

Bath time fun...

This little video cracked Rob and I up. Who knows why, possibly being up later with the time change and lack of sleep. We couldn't quit watching it. Baron got some new boots and I wanted to get a picture of him in them and he wasn't cooperating. Somehow, Rob captured the shot below. We just sat in bed later and kept replaying it, laughing harder each time.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Visit to the Park

While the weather was nice and warm outside Rob and I decided to take Baron to the park. It was pretty popular place that day and as we were pushing Baron up to it, he was getting more and more excited. I thought he was going to bruise himself from kicking his legs so wildly. Since Baron can't walk yet we didn't really get him out of his stroller until the swing which went over pretty much like I had thought. Maybe it will grow on him.
At the park, they have a pond with geese and ducks and this was the first time that he has seen any so close up. I was a bit worried when a big goose came about 2ft away from the stroller but he didn't do anything. He finally moved farther away when Baron start kicking and yelling at him in excitement. We can't wait to go back when Baron is walking, running etc...he's going to love it.

My First Owie!

Well we knew that it was bound to happen but what we didn't expect was for both of us to feel so rotten about it. Baron was over it within a matter of minutes but it took Rob and I over an hour to calm down.
We were in his room playing and he went over near the dresser, lifted himself and somehow fell where he hit the knob on the dresser right below his eye. It was one of those dreaded delayed screams that you just hope will not come. But it did, and it was LOUD. Poor guy...It's slowly going away, he still has a bump at the point of impact but the bruise is definitely subsiding.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing Outside

I think this was the second time that we have had Baron outside on the grass. The first time he loved it and kept playing and eating the grass. This time he didn't have the same reaction. I think because the grass was dead and stiff. He wouldn't even crawl on it, he just sat there and stared.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Heidrich and Baron

I was pretty suprised when I first saw this happening because Heidrich is the dog that doesn't like kids. He runs away, barks and even growls at them. Heidrich and Baron played this little game for quite some time and boy did Baron get a kick out of it.

Weekend with Grandma & Grandpa

This weekend mom and dad came down for a visit. They were going to a Bluegrass Festival on Saturday so it worked out well that they could spend some time with Baron. This festival was very different than what you would imagine. Although they did have some concerts, the main draw, in my opinion, is the open playing that occurs in various ballrooms. Basically, you can join any group and just start playing. Easy as that. If you want to try out another group that's fine too. I think that Dad played for about 12 hours...I know, wow! We all went to check it out Friday night and we took Baron with us. He really enjoyed the music and all of the different sounds.

Mom had a lot of fun filming Baron while he ate. He can sure spit. You would think the kid would be dehydrated with all the drool and spit that leaves his mouth. Oh, and I LOVE the end...definitely my kind of ending.

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