Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend with Grandma & Grandpa

This weekend mom and dad came down for a visit. They were going to a Bluegrass Festival on Saturday so it worked out well that they could spend some time with Baron. This festival was very different than what you would imagine. Although they did have some concerts, the main draw, in my opinion, is the open playing that occurs in various ballrooms. Basically, you can join any group and just start playing. Easy as that. If you want to try out another group that's fine too. I think that Dad played for about 12 hours...I know, wow! We all went to check it out Friday night and we took Baron with us. He really enjoyed the music and all of the different sounds.

Mom had a lot of fun filming Baron while he ate. He can sure spit. You would think the kid would be dehydrated with all the drool and spit that leaves his mouth. Oh, and I LOVE the end...definitely my kind of ending.

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