Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kite Sunday

While Amy, Cory and the kids were here this weekend Rob and I decided to get some kite's for them to fly. Our land is really prefect for that since we sit at the top of a hill and there are no power lines close.
We started assembling the kites Sunday morning thinking it would be really easy but that proved not the case what so ever. Griffin had a jet (which was the hardest to assemble), Candon had a shark, and Taylyn had a butterfly (this was by far the easiest). Finally after over an hour trying to get these things together we gave them all a shot. Go figure the hardest one to put together flew the best, and the easiest wouldn't even get 5 ft off the ground. Candon's shark was hit and miss. At least we tried and hopefully by the time they come out again we can have some decent kites that will ALL fly.

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