Sunday, March 29, 2009

My New Teddy

Baron is totally lovin' his new Teddy that Rob got for him. It's so cute to see him like something so much, something that you can show him that will instantly bring a smile to his face. He likes to carry his "teddy" around everywhere he goes in the room. Puts Teddy up on the window sill, teddy on the bed, teddy under the bed, teddy in the get the idea. Teddy gets around. Not only that, but Teddy takes a beating. For some reason Baron likes to stand up and then crash down on Teddy, don't know why, possibly too much UFC with his dad :(
Oh and when we go to put Teddy to bed at night, better be careful where you pick him up. Let's just say a little slobber is an understatement.

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