Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Visit to the Park

While the weather was nice and warm outside Rob and I decided to take Baron to the park. It was pretty popular place that day and as we were pushing Baron up to it, he was getting more and more excited. I thought he was going to bruise himself from kicking his legs so wildly. Since Baron can't walk yet we didn't really get him out of his stroller until the swing which went over pretty much like I had thought. Maybe it will grow on him.
At the park, they have a pond with geese and ducks and this was the first time that he has seen any so close up. I was a bit worried when a big goose came about 2ft away from the stroller but he didn't do anything. He finally moved farther away when Baron start kicking and yelling at him in excitement. We can't wait to go back when Baron is walking, running etc...he's going to love it.

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