Sunday, March 22, 2009

My First Visit to Church

Rob and I had been planning on getting to church for a long time but as everyone knows with a baby it makes it a little more complicated. So, Rob went a couple of weeks ago and scouted out the nursery and took notes (literally) to find out where we needed to go in order for everything to go smoothly.
I was very nervous about this because: 1. I was leaving him with someone I didn't know 2. he's such a Brut and I was really fearing him being in a room with smaller children because he has been known from time to time to pull some hair and also tackle others 3. it was during nap time meaning he would either have no nap at all or a very short one. We choose the later, because when baby doesn't have a nap, baby is NOT happy.
As we were standing in line checking in, what do I see in front of me? Oh, just a little girl about Baron's age with beautiful blond pig tails, bows, everything. All I kept thinking was, please do not let her be in the same room as Baron because her little bows are going to be out of that hair in a matter of minutes and the pigtails will definitely not be looking like they did when she arrived. Thankfully she wasn't...phew.
All in all, it went great. No problems that we know of. Just hope that it stays that way.

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