Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Boy Baron!

One down 17 to go...We can't believe that a year has already come and gone. The night before the party, Rob and I were laying in bed thinking back at that same moment a year ago when I was in the hospital. The emotions that come up of the different point of views of Rob running home to grab all the essentials and to me nervously awaiting alone in the delivery room hoping that Rob will be back soon and not knowing what to expect. It's funny, as the first few months progress, all we could think was the next stage he was going to hit and why it was taking so long. Now, looking back it wasn't long at all. Now our little boy is a year old.
The birthday party went really well. We were blessed with nice sunny weather, a little windy but can't complain at all. I had decided several weeks before to do a Baby Einstein cake for Baron and was a little nervous how it was going to turn out. However, with all the help that I had, we were able to overcome a few issues and it turned out fantastic. Baron loved his cake, mainly the icing, which was all over his face and really loved his first sucker.

Baron made out like a king with all the presents he received. Just to name a few...Aunt Amy gave him the Cosy Coupe Car, which he loves to be pushed around in. However, he keeps opening the door to lean his head out and watch the ground go by. Need to stop that somehow. Uncle Chad and Aunt Stacy gave him this really neat tunnel/tent that can be re-arranged in different sections. He loves to crawl from one opening to the other and occasionally stop in the middle and play with the balls. Unfortunately, that night while playing in the ball pit he threw up. Yuck! It's was funny though, Amy's kids came up to tell me what he did and that it stunk. Go figure, Baron broke one of the cardinal rules in the ball pit.

We really had a good time this past weekend and I think Baron can definitely say the same. Thank you to all who helped make this happen!!

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