Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Mall Play Area

On Monday, since it was rainy out and I had to take some stuff back to the mall, Rob and I decided to take Baron to the children's play area. The video isn't anything special but always like posting them anyway.
Baron of course loved the play area. At first he just stayed in his little section, however, as soon as he saw the other children running around he wanted to follow. It was kind of sad because he would walk up to some of the older kids and try to get their attention. I think he expects a ton of attention like his cousins give him. Wasn't happening here...:( It was a little nerve racking with the others running around wild (which I know that is the purpose of the play area) and they would often run into Baron and knock him down. But being the chunk that he is, he got right back up and tried to get their attention again. Oh, and he got stuck in the stationary car. I finally captured it on video when Rob was walking over to help him but just before that, we could see him trying to inch his way out and then finally the yells came, "ahh, ahh, ahh." Too funny.

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