Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Friday we headed to St. Charles for their Oktoberfest celebration. We had been two years prior and knew what to expect. As we were walking up to all the tents, we noticed several jump houses for kids. Baron of course spotted them first and was yelling, “jumpy house, jumpy house!”. So we headed in, only to be told that they were supposed to be shutting down for the night. I asked if we could go in anyway because I could see kids still jumping. Thankfully, I did because Baron jumped till his hearts content for a good hour and a half before they started deflating the houses.

The last and most crowded jump house had an area inside it where you climb up some stairs and then slide down the slide. Of course Baron wanted to try but apparently he was too slow for the other kids behind him as they called him slowpoke. After I heard that, I hear Baron’s little voice yell, “I’m not slowpoke, I’m Baron!”. Rob and I were dying! Finally he made it to the top and several trips after that.

After the houses were shutting down, our sweaty lil monster gladly climbed into the stroller for some juice and we headed over one of the several stages where a band was playing. As usual Baron loved this part, having most of the dance floor to himself and another little girl. They were partners the whole night.

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