Friday, May 7, 2010

June Bugs

I am amazed each morning walking down the stairs and looking out the front door to see how many June Bugs have accumulated from the night before. Each day I sweep these nasty lil suckers off the porch to the kind birds that come and take them away only to have them re-group and settle on the porch again.

Baron has taken a big interest in these bugs even to the fact that when he comes down in the morning the whole way down he’s saying, “step, bugs, step, bugs” meaning that he wants to step on the bugs. That’s his big thing now and it’s even gotten me concerned that he would do it to some small animal if given the chance. Let’s hope this is just a phase and it doesn’t transition into something really bad.


1 comment:

Krista P said...

Nice macros!
June bugs used to terrify me. I'd refuse to get in the kdidie pool when I was little because there were june bugs in it the night before. My parents took them out, but the thought of sharing water with them made my skin crawl. They'd have to empty the water out and refill it. Seeing your pics brought it all back. My skin is crawling just thinking about them.

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