Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Party – Take One

Baron had his Valentine’s Party for his Tuesday/Thursday class this past Thursday. Everyone did such a good job putting it together. It’s so nice to be in the class and helping out. Plus seeing Baron interact with his classmates is priceless.

Baron loved his Valentine bag that he got to take home. This bag goes with us everywhere now and I don’t know how Monday’s class is going to top this bag that he created. You would think because it has candy in it that it was the reason it was so special, but it’s really all the decorating that he did on the outside of the bag that he likes the most. After the first day, the candy was dumped out and his favorite toys were being added.

Valentine Party T-TH-104

 Valentine Party T-TH-32

 Valentine Party T-TH-43

 Valentine Party T-TH-46

 Valentine Party T-TH-78

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