Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Snow?

To think that Spring was here and then get dumped on. I think we all were shocked to wake up on Monday morning to the ground covered with snow. Traffic was a mess, what usually takes us less than 10 minutes, took us over 40 minutes to get to school for Baron. Several cars were in the ditches but I have to admit it was a pretty sight. Big flakes fell throughout the day and eventually stopped around 1pm. I think we had close to 4 inches.

Baron of course loved to see it when he woke up and even more, wanted to play in it. However, it was way too wet to even attempt. It’s already melting rapidly and creating this big swamp in our back yard. I sure hope that this is the last of it because I along with everyone else in this house, want to get OUTSIDE!

  031411 (6)

 031411 (7)

 031511 (3)





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