Thursday, September 25, 2008

Marshmallow Madness

This video brings us back to our first family trip. Amy, Cory, Stacy, CJ, Rob and I stayed up and were playing cards while enjoying some tasty beverages. I think that it was close to 2am and Mom and Dad (chad too - slacker) had gone to bed early, and as the night was drawing to a close, I challenged everyone to a "chubby bunny" contest. While all of us could only reach 5-6, Rob had to out shine us all. When the video starts he's at #6 and finishes at #13, of course with a smile. I honestly can say that I haven't laughed (cried) that hard in a LONG time. It was too funny. Good times had by all.
Sorry about the was the best that I could do.

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