Tuesday, September 30, 2008

St. Charles Oktoberfest

On Saturday we met up with Chad, Stacy and Riley to go to the St. Charles Oktoberfest. It was such an nice day to go and walk around. Stacy brought a blanket and we found a nice place to sit and just enjoy the surroundings.

Baron unfortunately wasn't having a good time and started crying and I couldn't get him to stop for a good 30 mins. I thought we were going to have to leave and we had just gotten there. I don't know what it was and this actually was the 2nd time that it's happened. Thankfully we knew that we just had to ride it out and didn't freak like the first time. After that little episode, he was a good little boy.

It was nice that Riley and Baron were able to play together. Riley is a notorious Binky snatcher while Baron just let her do it. I have a feeling that when they get older it's not always going to be like that. I think Baron thought he could get back by pulling her hair.

Riley's hair has grown soo much from the last time I saw her. She crawling all over the place, has two bottom teeth and can definitely without any problems pull herself up when holding onto anything that is stable. She has a ferocious grip, that little one. It's quite amazing.

I actually think is this the first time that Baron has played with grass. As you can see, he really liked it.

This is just several of the pictures that we took...

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