Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sick Sick Sick

Well, this past week has been a very trying and tiring week. Both Rob and Baron have and are still somewhat battling colds. As I said before, we went home last Friday for my family's Christmas and on the way home Rob and I noticed Baron starting to get a cough. I thought, ok I can handle this, it will be his first cold but let's hope it's not a bad one. On Saturday, Baron's cough was more prominent and he was noticeably not acting his usual happy, smiley self. After we were home, it just progressed from there. Then Rob came down with the stomach flu and was totally out of commission on Sunday and half of Monday. Baron started wheezing and we took him to the Dr. just to be safe. Dr. said he had RSV (respiratory virus) and would hopefully be over with it in a week or two. Ugh! Anyway, you get my point. It was pretty rough and thankfully Rob has gotten over his, yet Baron is still reluctantly battling a lot of congestion. To my surprise, I actually thought it would be worse (I know, dad, knock on wood). But thanks to my sister for her guidance because I don't know what we would do if she wasn't there to answer our silly questions and tell us everything is ok.

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope that next year during the holiday week no one will be sick.

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Amy said...

Aunt Amy's coming to see you Baby B! And will bring a present, of course! See you soon!

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