Tuesday, January 6, 2009

James Family Christmas

This year we traveled to Rob's parents house and when I say traveled, we just walked next door. As I said in the previous post that we are blessed to be able to stay home Christmas morning, we are even more blessed that his parents live next door.
This is the first Christmas for them with a grandchild and his parents were ecstatic. I think his dad was more excited for Baron to open his gift than anything. After we ate, we all went into the living room and Baron got to see his present. We couldn't keep him off of it. Honestly, I think that he was more interested in the big box than the actual toy. But now that we have it home and it's all put together, he really likes it.
It's such a joy to see his parents reactions when Baron is around. Their excitement and joy when he walks into the room is priceless. We love them very much and are so happy to be able to add Baron to the James family.

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