Monday, May 4, 2009

Staycation Vacation




Usually every year since our birthday is on the same day, Rob and I plan a little vacation. Last year, with Baron being just a month old and family still visiting, we didn't do anything. This year we were talking about going somewhere but with that, would mean we would have to leave Baron. Although it sounded like a nice break, we weren't sure if we were ready...until the thought of sleeping in, taking long naps, going out to eat w/o shoveling down the food, being alone, all crept into our wee lil brains; we decided it was going to be a sure thing.

We dropped Baron off at Aunt Amy's for 2 nights and he then went to Grandma/Grandpa Louderman's for the last night. I must admit, that first night alone we were missing him more than we had ever imagined. As the days progressed (flew by), we started reverting back into our old pre-Baron routine and I'm not gonna lie, it was NICE! However, even with the old freedom, there was still something missing and by Sunday, we were itching to get him back. All in all, it was a great staycation vacation and hope to do it again.

Baron and his first taste of DiCarlo's pizza. Yum Yum!

This is the video we took as we pulled up to get Baron. Was hopeing for a little more excitement but that's ok. I got my kisses and hugs and was happy. On the way home I gave him a few pieces of taffy. He really liked that.

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