Tuesday, June 8, 2010

California Grandparents' Visit – Part 2

After the baseball tournament, everyone headed back to our house to start the second leg. Several days prior, Baron and I had spent several afternoons filling up water balloons. Actually, Baron just played in his pool while I filled up the balloons. I think the tube had 500 in it and I filled most of them. My fingers were a little sore but it was well worth it. Once everyone arrived, I had Rob place the buckets of balloons in the backyard and we all just went to town. Baron and Riley didn’t really know what was happening but they both enjoyed being able to just pick these things up and throw them down to watch them explode. Very entertaining…Our course it took me a few hours to fill them up, yet only minutes to go through them but it was so much fun.

After the balloon fight, we pulled out the slip-n-slides and the baby pool. Baron wasn’t really the biggest fan of the slip-n-slide due to the water spraying in his face as he went down. After that first run, we kinda had to force him to go again and try to keep it out of his face. Riley on the other hand didn’t have any issues. I think from seeing the older kids go down, she was all for it. Rob even gave it a go…thankfully I wasn’t filming then because it was not pretty.

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