Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pool Time

Last weekend we went home for a whole slew of celebrations and were able to enjoy some pool time. This will have been Baron’s 2nd time in their pool but technically I will call it the first because the last time we were in and out so quick and the water was a tad too cold. This time, however, it was perfect. The whole way there he was saying water, water, water. He knew what was happening and the excitement in that kid was insane once we pulled in. It was lunch time, but there was no way I was going to be able to get him to sit down and eat all while watching the others frolic in the pool.

I put him in his suit with all the needed essentials and he was the happiest camper. He is very timid of the water and it will take several more times in the pool until he’s more comfortable but as the day progressed, I think he was getting more comfortable with it. Now, Riley on the other hand was a FISH. She was in that water almost the whole time and was so content on being on her own. You could tell that the time with Grandpa and Grandma for that week she stayed there did her a lot of good.

Oh, and Baron loves his "’straw juice” as the other kids call it. You can tell that he doesn’t get them at home. He will not just take a few drinks and be done with it, he makes sure he gets every last drop.




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