Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chicago – Millennium Park

Rob and I had been here before a long time ago with my friend Julie but I can’t remember if the Bean was there or not. Dad and Cindy suggested taking Baron to see it all and we were definitely up for it. We took the EL as you saw in a previous post and made our way very easily. I was amazed how many children were playing in the water. Of course anything with water, Baron loves and  instantly he was wanting to go walk in the water.

Next, we headed to the big ol reflective Bean. This was pretty neat and I don’t really know how he reacted to it because I was busy taking pictures but it must have made an impact because he would mention the Bean the whole way home. They were also holding a free concert, which was nice to walk over and listen to. This place was really amazing.

Thankfully I brought a towel and an extra change of clothes so that Baron could play in the water. He loved to walk up to the side with cascading water and stick his head in, then run to the other side. He had a good time.

Baron 2-1


 Baron 2


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