Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bounce U

Rob and I drive past this place all the time and since there is an event coming up with Baron’s school being held there, I thought I would go check it out ahead of time. Baron and I went to the open bounce Friday morning and in fact it was perfect. It lasted 120 mins and Baron was able to roam free and do what he pleased. This place is almost identical to Monkey Joe’s, however, it’s more expensive and less slides and attractions. I know that may sound bad, it really wasn’t and Baron had a good time. I figure, if he cries when it’s time to go, then it’s a good thing. Is Monkey Joe’s better? Yes, but it’s also another 20 mins away. So there are pro’s and con’s to it. If we have the time to drive, then we will definitely go to Monkey Joe’s.

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