Monday, November 8, 2010

Grandparents Weekend

Cindy drove down with a friend on Thursday late afternoon to pick up Baron and Riley to have an extended weekend away from the parents and spend some time with Ama and Pa Pa. We were thankful because we had so much to do around the house and that would give us several days to get things accomplish plus also have some time ourselves.

Apparently Riley woke up Thursday night throwing up and Stacy had to come and get her the following day. Baron was fine…so far. Saturday, they took Baron to cousin Bob’s house who has a horse and a miniature horse named Snapple. Baron got to ride Snapple and from what I heard, he was in hog heaven. This is something that we have been wanting to do with Baron but have never made the time. He also got to ride on a tractor. Talk about big time! Unfortunately, after the nap Baron threw up, and was sick from then on. Rob and I got up early on Sunday and headed to their house to pick up Baron and head back. By the time we arrived, it had hit Cindy and she was also sick. Talk about passing quickly…

Thankfully, Riley was better in a few days and currently now, Baron is starting to feel better. Kudo’s to dad and Cindy for taking care of two sick little ones…

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