Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Friday night was the annual Trunk or Treat at St. John’s where Baron attends school. We saw them advertise this last year but decided to not attend. This year, we were excited to go. I had never been to one of these before and didn’t really know what to expect except the obvious. When we arrived, we walked in with several other children all dressed up and then made our way through the parking lot of decorated car trunks. This is really such a good idea because instead of spending you time walking around the neighborhood, crossing streets and trying to figure out who’s home, they provide a safe environment where you at least know that everyone is handing out candy. We absolutely loved it.

After Baron and Riley made their way through all the trunks, the school had a DJ with several strobing lights. They loved it of course, Baron and Riley were dancing machines.

102710 (27)

Baron looking so lovely with Riley’s red Annie wig on… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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