Thursday, December 23, 2010

School Christmas Party

Baron’s school Christmas party was Tuesday and boy was he super excited for it. Since he goes Monday – Thursday this was his second party and after Monday’s, he was all for another one. The parents arrived at 10.15 to help while they did a craft, had a snack and participated in an activity. It was all really fun for them. The decorated a picture of Santa with cotton balls and were also able to use some glitter. I don’t know about you, but who doesn’t like glitter. It was everywhere. I think the best thing that Baron liked was cupcake for the snack. He downed his in seconds flat. This kid likes his cake.

After the craft and snack they all gathered for Musical Chairs. I was a little nervous about this because Baron can definitely push his way around the other kids and thought that he would be fighting till the death for the chairs but it wasn’t too bad. Thankfully… It’s really fun to see Baron interact with his other classmates and also put some faces to the names he mentions on a daily basis. I do have to say, the teachers really deserve a lot of credit for what they do.

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