Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleigh Riding or Sledding

Sleigh Riding or Sledding, that is the question. I think sleigh riding is definitely the term they used in the 1800’s but now were in the 2000’s and it’s time to use the correct wording :)

Anyway…Chad, Stacy and Riley came over Christmas day for some sledding, some yummy cheese dip and fun in the jumpy house. The sledding was awesome. This was Baron’s first real time outside in the snow and it was almost prefect. The weather wasn’t too cold so we were able to stay out for a couple of hours. The kids loved barreling down the hill. I thought Baron would balk at it but once I sent him down by himself he had a smile from ear to ear. Riley was so cute with her angel that she wanted to make. I love in the video how she just plops down and does her thing, and not to be out done, Baron followed.

After we warmed up and the kids ate dinner, we headed downstairs for the main attraction, the jumpy house. Baron was even more red in the face after he and Riley finished jumping than he was this morning. It is definitely more fun with friends.


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