Monday, January 17, 2011


No, not that kind of change. I’m talking about the real change, as in coins. This is Baron’s new thing and he will do this for hours if we would let him. Rob and I keep a small basket in our closet for loose change. I’m sure like many others, we haven’t done anything with it for years and it grows and grows and grows. Most likely if we were to cash it in, the total would be around 15 bucks. I remember as a kid, my parents dumping out their giant jug of loose change on the table to collect it for a vacation. I was thinking it would be thousands of dollars. Nope, not even close. I don’t remember the total but it was something so low I was shocked, in fact disappointed, we weren’t really millionaires. Funny how I still remember that. Anyway…

Baron loves to dump out all the money and play with it. To see his eyes takes me back to my memory of the change on the table. I’m not kidding, he really will play with it for a long time. I guess the good thing is that now he knows what a quarter, nickel, dime and penny are.

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Krista P said...

That last shot cracks me up.

Paige thinks she has hundreds of dollars in her piggy bank. I don't have the heart to correct her.

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