Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Horses

I was sitting at my desk on the phone with a carrier, trying to get them to take one of my shipments when I see several dark shadows dart across the lawn. I quickly get off the phone, try to keep the dogs from going insane, and head out the door.

There they are, four horses running and playing in the field next to the house. At times they would get pretty close, which was really amazing. My first thought, was to get Baron and let him see this for himself. Just as I turned around, Rob let the dogs out and of course they are barreling for the horses. I tell Rob to come take a look (he’s not too happy because Reinhardt really did a number on the floor trying to get out…oops) and his frown goes away in the shock and awe of what he’s seeing. It really was a amazing sight.

I run into get Baron, since he was upstairs in his room playing and tell him to quickly come down. As he walks out, I hear him gasp and say, “My horsey’s for my birthday!”. It was too funny, he thought we got them for his birthday, which was now 4 days after.

Soon we see the owner walking up the hill, along with two police officers trying to collect them. Apparently the 4 horses managed to escape their pen and were first down at the ballpark running around while all the the little kids are practicing baseball. The owner tried to get them then, but they took off up the street and alas to our house. She, Rob and the two policemen were able to walk them back down to the pen all while Baron is crying wondering where his birthday horsey’s are going.


 040811 (2)

 040811 (3)_edited-1

 040811 (5)_edited-1

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 040811 (33)

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