Saturday, June 27, 2009

Playtime with Dad

OK, so this video is VERY long. I think a little over 4 minutes and I really tried to shorten it but I couldn't. There was too much good stuff in there. So hopefully you'll have the time to watch it.

Again, I was down in the office working and I start hearing all these laughs coming from the monitor. Not being one to be outside the fun, I grabbed the camera and headed upstairs to film and this is what I got.

Just to explain a few things here are Baron's tricks. I know he's not a monkey but every kid learns a few tricks while growing up. Nothing special just things we get a kick out of...for now.

1. Kisses. We couldn't get the darn kid to give us a kiss so now he just leans his head in. Love it!

2. Earmuffs. This was Rob's teaching. He puts his hands over his ears so he can't hear you.

3. I'm a winner. This is something new, usually done while were walking though a store to entertain him.

4. Not Listening. He puts his two pointer fingers in his ears, usually during mealtime. I'm a little tired of this one, especially trying to clean all the goo out of the ears at the end of the day.

5. Ahhhh. Kind of hard to explain but Rob taught him what to do after a good discus throw. It's the release and the "ahhhhhhh" that follows it.

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