Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Away

Our 6th anniversary was on August 30th, so Rob and I planned a little staycation. Baron was going to stay with Grandma/Grandpa Louderman for 3 nights, then he was off to Aunt Amy's house for an additional 2. So a total of 5 nights away from Baron and if you ask us what we did, well we basically did nothing. It was nice, however, I was really missing Baron like crazy. It wasn't like last time where I missed him the first day and then it faded, this felt like I was going through a bad breakup. Yuck! Lesson learned, he will not be away from us for that long of a time again. Too hard. and dad were nice enough to take some video of the activities they did with Baron. This was nice to look at after we picked him up and it was really nice that dad put them all on cd's for me. Aunt Amy was able to send us pictures throughout her time with Baron and also upload several to Facebook. There is nothing that brightens your day more than seeing your child have a ton of fun while away.

Lincoln Hot Air Balloon Festival: Baron's first viewing of a hot air balloon. Truth be told, I was super jealous that we weren't there to see it with him. Next time...

Baron's first convertible ride. I think he really didn't know what to think. All the wind blowing through his hair and being able to see the sky. Pretty priceless.

This last video is my favorite. As I have said before, nothing compares to a laughing baby.

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