Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Cake




So, after I tried my hand at the fondant covered UFC cake, I had been thinking about making a Turkey cake. I was praying that it would go much more smooth since I had an idea on how to do it now. Uh...not really. Yes, making the fondant is very easy but I start running into problems when I start to color it. Obviously I am doing something wrong and would love to take a class or have someone show me because it was VERY frustrating. So if anyone out there has an idea, please let me know.
The Turkey was completely edible. The head and giant tail are made out of rice crispy treats just covered in fondant, the body was cake. My original plan was to have the tail coming out of the body but that wasn't working due to the weight of it so I had to just wing it.
I was happy with the outcome, no where near what I would have liked it to be but I was satisfied. Hopefully as each time I attempt to do this, it will get easier. Hopefully...
Now, starting to think about what to make for Christmas:)

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Anonymous said...

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