Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baron turns 2!

Wow, I can’t believe it and it’s such a cliché but it has gone so fast! It really just keeps getting better and better. I can remember the times when he was between 4 & 7 months and thinking it has got to get better than this. Not that it was all that bad, but Baron was going through this really crabby stage at night and would whine and cry from what seemed like 6 – 9pm. I know, it doesn’t seem like Baron, but if he wasn’t entertained for that length of time, he wasn’t a happy camper. Now all I have to do is mention outside, ride or even the no no word (balloon) and he just lights up the room. The amount of personality that this little one has is unbelievable. It’s funny now, because I try to think back how it was before Baron was here and it’s hard to do that. He is such a part of our life that it’s hardly possible to think of the past. We love him so much and are so blessed that he has come into our lives. He really is our little miracle.


Riley, being the quick one that she is, was able to get a piece of Brobee’s eye. You can see her two little fingers near the candle. Funny, because she was right next to me and I didn’t even notice until I saw the cake and it looked like Brobee was crying… In fact if I remember correctly, she snagged some icing from Baron’s cake from his 1st birthday. I remember seeing in the video, Baron throwing some on the ground and Riley sneaking over so scoop it up. You never get in the way of a kid and cake.

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