Tuesday, April 6, 2010


With Baron’s 2nd Birthday falling on Easter this year, I told my parents, who host the annual giant Easter meal at their place, that I would bring the dessert. I figured I had to already make Baron a cake, so why not another one. The Easter cake was very easy. It may look like it took a long time to put all the M & M’s on the top but it didn’t take near as long as Baron’s cake did.

Baron’s cake was a whole other story. I had researched what I was going to do, baked the actual cakes the day before so that it wouldn’t take me forever like last time. I was wrong. At first, the initial conception, was to do a turtle cake covered in green fondant and have the head coming out of the shell. That didn’t go so well. The fondant was made that morning so the afternoon after Baron was put down for the nap I could focus and get it out of the way to still get everything else done for Easter and his 2nd birthday. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. After spending 4 hrs on the turtle cake and the fondant and me going round and round, I scrapped the whole idea and started all over. I had to go to the store and bake the cakes which took an hour and then let them cool. This was at 6pm…ugh! I really just wanted to cry or just ram my head through the sliding glass door. So, after initially starting out at 2pm, I finally finished at 11pm. Wow! Fondant and I are still on the outs and until I can figure out what exactly I am doing wrong or take a class, we won’t be meeting again.

For Baron’s cake, I ended up going with BroBee from the children’s TV show Yo Gabba Gabba. It’s one of Baron’s favorite and as soon as he saw the cake, he was yelling “BROOOOOOBEEEE”. I added a picture of BroBee so you can see where I was coming from.


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