Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Purina Farms

This past Friday, Rob, Baron and I met up with Stacy and Riley at Purina Farms. I didn’t even know about this place until a week earlier when a friend of mine suggested it. Wow, what a cool place and all for free! From what I was told, during Easter and Halloween, Purina offers several different activities than the normal day to day stuff. Easter they have a petting area and Halloween they have some kind of haunted house with hayrides around the property.

This was something that Baron really liked. Although it was packed and often hard at times to keep an eye on him, Rob and I walked away knowing that we would be back. The petting area they had set up had baby pigs, chicks, bunnies, lambs, cows, etc… and all that you could pet. Baron was a wild child running from one pet to the other constantly yelling “wow!”.

Once we were out of the petting area, we headed up to the dog show. Found a seat and tried to patiently wait for it to start. I really did think that I would have probably a good 2 mins sitting there and then I would have to go but he sat there and just watched. It wasn’t until the dog jumped in the water and it was all over from there. Boy did he like that. From then on all he kept saying was “dog, water” “dog, water” over and over again and even now when I play the video for him, I think he would sit on my lap and watch that for hours.

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