Monday, October 4, 2010

Rob Approved

Rob and I had been having a little disagreement on to which bike Baron should have next. I think he’s ready for a big bike with training wheels but Rob doesn’t want to go to that level yet. When we leave school every day, they have these tricycles that are basically built like tanks. They weigh a ton, yet they are so hard to tip over. So if any of you know Rob, he wants his tank for Baron. I finally caved because we’ll, Rob usually doesn’t get his way :)

So, while at Sam’s, Rob spotted his perfect tank for Baron. This thing is definitely Rob approved. It’s virtually impossible for Baron to tip it and of course it had a bell. I don’t know what kid wouldn’t like a shiny new bike but that’s all that Baron talks about now plus he’s too cute scooting around our driveway and ringing the bell.


 092910 (16)


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